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Factors that Influence Adult Learning 1. Adults learn when they believe they need to know something new or different. (Zembke & Zemke, ) Adults are motivated to learn when they want to: • Gain something • Be something • Do something • Save something Lorge, 2. Adults have different learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic). Learning styles and Age were also found to affect performance while marital status and income did not significantly affect performance. It is recommended that school administrators should adequately monitor lesson attendance.

Adults prefer to have control over their learning because they hold themselves accountable for their lives and their decision-making - they take responsibility for their own achievements or failures at learning. Therefore, self-directed learning is preferred because adults can control the content of their learning and how they learn. Oct 23,  · 5 Factors Impacting Adult Learners' Persistence at Your Institution Higher education can provide both measurable and intangible returns, such as a greater lifetime income, increased personal fulfillment, societal benefits, and more.

This statistical difference suggests that there is a difference as to how each factor impacts adult learners in higher education. In other words, each factor has its unique motivating effects on learning and impacts students differently. International Journal of . from external factors to dropout/persistence has been added. Figure 1. Theoretical framework for adult dropout in online learning (Park, ) Even though numerous studies have tried to identify factors affecting learners’ decision to drop out, only a dozen.

Adults have the freedom to learn in their own way. Many adults can remember having only one type of learning style growing up; this is mainly determined by their teachers’ preferred teaching method. However, as an adult learner you may find out that you prefer a different learning style, . Age and Learning Style in the Adult Learner Dr. David Seiler, Assistant Professor, Valdosta State University ABSTRACT Do individuals experience a change in the preferred method of learning as they age? The answer to this question can greatly help educators and students alike in the efficiency of the educational process. An.