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Normal blood pressure for adults is defined as a systolic pressure of less than and a diastolic pressure of less than This is stated as / Do I Have High Blood Pressure? One reason to visit your doctor regularly is to have your blood pressure checked. Use our blood pressure chart to learn what your blood pressure numbers mean. Systolic, diastolic? The American Heart Association helps you understand the various levels of blood pressure and how high blood pressure or hypertension is defined. Also learn about prehypertension, hypertension, hypertensive crisis, and what is a healthy blood pressure.

Dec 14,  · What is the Normal BP Range For Adults? The normal BP for all adolescents, adults, and older adults is considered to be / Adolescents mean persons aged between ages 10 and For this age group, the systolic blood pressure from to , and the diastolic blood pressure between 82 to 86 is considered to be normal. Nov 25,  · If your blood pressure is elevated-- a systolic blood pressure between and or diastolic blood pressure of less than 80 -- your doctor will probably want to check it every months.

Jan 29,  · Following are the blood pressure ranges used to diagnose hypotension and hypertension in adults. In general, hypotension relates more to symptoms and .