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Adult Education - Specialized Programs (CA Dept of Education). Adult Education Adult education is a public education program for all adults. Adult schools offer free to low-cost classes for adults 18 and older. Students can earn a high school diploma, high school .

California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) is the largest professional organization serving adult education in California. CCAE uniquely serves all levels of the adult education family . Jan 13,  · The California Adult Education Provider Directory consists of information about several hundred public adult schools, community colleges, community-based organizations, .

Welcome to California Adult Education Courses! This site supports teachers and learners at WIOA funded adult education agencies in California. Malcolm Knowles.

Southern Alameda County Consortium (Ohlone CCD) Direct Funding: View: Palo Verde River Consortium: Fiscal Agent: View: Education to Career Network of North San Diego County (Palomar/Vista) California Adult Education Program. Funded by the California Department of Education. There are many options and opportunities for continuing and adult education in Orange County whether it's through one of the local colleges and universities, adult education schools, or through the Regional Occupational Programs (ROP). So whether you are looking to get your High School Diploma, a degree, hone your watercolor skills or obtain skills for a new career you can do it all in Orange.

These classes are at NO COST to students as they funded by WIOA Title II or California Adult Education Program (CAEP). Students are required to take CASAS pre and post test to show outcome. For more information, please call the office () Transcript Request Form. Adult Education and Family Literacy Program: Ongoing federal Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title II funding allocated by CDE to numerous adult education providers, including adult schools, community colleges, libraries, and community-based organizations. CDE distributes funding based on student learning gains and other outcomes.