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How to Get Grants and Student Loans for Adults Returning. Adult student loans Like anyone attending college, nontraditional students can fund their return to school through student loans.

MYTH: Adult students fall outside the age requirements to receive federal student aid. FACT: There is no age limit. Almost everyone is eligible for some type of federal student aid, including federal student loans. Jan 04,  · An adult student completes the same FAFSA as a high school senior. Even if you don’t qualify for grants, you should still fill out the FAFSA to get access to federal student loans. .

May 05,  · There are two main types of student loans for working adults: federal and private. As a seasoned adult, you might well be among the types of borrowers who could benefit from . Feb 11,  · Since the average college-aged student is an adult many colleges have started allowing adult learners to ‘cash-in’ their work like experience in exchange for college credits. .