DIXIE COMET BONDAGE 2 - adult comet posterior gait trainer


adult comet posterior gait trainer - DIXIE COMET BONDAGE 2

How to Choose the Best Gait Trainer. Anterior means the gait trainer is in front of users as they move forward, with the help of ankle straps or prompts - much like a traditional walker. Posterior means the trainer is behind the user and they hold .

Adult & Pediatric Gait Trainers Gait trainers are a mobility aid that teaches or reteaches a patient to safely and efficiently walk. Gait trainers, generally, are available in either anterior or posterior models, which means the mobility aid . Description Designed for individuals with severe levels of spasticity and/or ataxia who can weight-bear, but lack control of their upper extremities. Variable resistance tabs control the speed of the trainer and help align asymmetrical gait patterns. Includes a seat .

The Grillo is a gait trainer designed for adults & kids who need support or a reference to step correctly using Anterior or Posterior frames.