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OBJECTIVE: To learn the key position of each letter and to type without looking at the keys or your hands! 1. Use the correct finger to strike each key. 2. Do not look at your hands while typing. (Memorize keyboard reaches.) 3. Sit up straight and keep feet flat on the floor. 4. Mastering Computer Typing Curriculum. Learn how to touch-type for the computer with Mastering Computer Typing. It is a complete guide for learning how to touch-type on a computer keyboard. Features include: Navigate the keyboard with speed and efficiency; Lessons start with simple words and proceed to a wide array of pracitcal applications.

INTRODUCTION TO KEYBOARDING. An introductory keyboarding teaching lesson with practice drills. Objectives: Students will learn the basic typing position, and practice key stroking, spacing and return. Students will learn to operate the home row letter keys and the basic service keys by touch. Course Introduction. The Introduction to Keyboarding course is designed for individuals who have no formal training in keyboarding. The objective is to teach students the skill of keyboarding – essential to the learning of other computer applications and workplace skills. The course begins with an overview of the basics of computer use.

Set the foundation for Touch-Control Keyboarding. OBJECTIVES. Introduce Touch-Control Keyboarding to young students. Support and reinforce the primary curriculum utilizing developmentally-appropriate materials. Develop lesson plans which allow any educator—regardless of keyboarding knowledge—to effectively teach. Curriculum & Instruction. Room West Dayton Street Madison, WI P: () F: ()

Objective 1: Students develop and improve keystroking speed and accuracy. Objective 2: Students will demonstrate skill in using numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. • I can type by touch. • I can type with 95% accuracy at the end of the first nine weeks of school and 25 wpm with 6 or fewer errors.