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This page contains the text of a regulation adopted by the Missouri State Board of Education. An official copy of the full text of this regulation is contained in the Code of State Regulations, published by the Office of Secretary of State. Missouri Certification Requirements Certification Requirements -- Effective August 1, (Rules 5 CSR through 5 CSR ) begins on Page. The concept Adult education teachers -- Certification represents the subject, aboutness, idea or notion of resources found in Missouri University of Science & Technology Library.

Choose the Educator Certification System link (located on the User Applications page.) To establish a User ID and password, follow the directions of the Educator Certification Help Guide; If you have a certification account, but have not accessed it for over 12 months, please follow steps #1 and #2 located in the Educator Certification Help Guide. Bachelor’s degree from a college/university that has a Missouri-approved teacher education program. Recommendation for certification from the teacher education program. Grade point average of both overall and in content area. Passage of required Praxis test(s). The Missouri initial certificate is a four-year license requiring.

Dec 18,  · Students who have already obtained a bachelor's degree and are seeking Missouri state teacher certification should contact the Teacher Certification Office, This office provides a program evaluation service for initial certificates, advisement and assistance to gain certification and/or additional endorsements. Missouri Teacher Certification for Out-of-State Teachers. This article describes the requirements for initial teaching certification in Missouri and the steps that teachers who were educated outside of Missouri and/or who have a teaching certification from another state should take in order to become certified to teach in Missouri.

Mar 04,  · Adult education teachers may be required to obtain state licensing, especially for government-run, government-funded programs or public school-associated programs that may be subject to government. When I began teaching adult education 15 years ago, I taught part time; I was required to have a K teaching certification because a certification for teaching adults did not exist in my state. While my certification is in secondary science, not everything I did as a new teacher at first was quite the right fit for my adult education class.

Besides teaching adults basic job skills or proficiency education such as reading, writing and English, adult teachers also help learners who left school at an early age in order to support their family, get a job-or for other reasons-complete their high school equivalency diploma program. Adult teachers are important advocates for instilling.