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According to psychosocial theory, we experience eight stages of development over our lifespan, from infancy through late adulthood. At each stage there is a conflict, or task, that we need to resolve. Successful completion of each developmental task results . The theory of emerging adulthood proposes that a new life stage has arisen between adolescence and young adulthood over the past half-century in industrialized countries. Fifty years ago, most young people in these countries had entered stable adult roles .

Lifespan theories of psychological aging There have been few comprehensive theories of psychological development that have fully covered the period of adulthood (Schaie & Willis, , Willis, Martin 1 This article is based in part on an earlier book chapter: Schaie, K. W. (). A lifespan developmental perspective of psychological aging. Jun 12,  · Psychologist Daniel Levinson developed a comprehensive theory of adult development, referred to as the Seasons of Life theory, which identified stages and growth that occur well into the adult.

Levinson’s Theory. In , Daniel Levinson published a book entitled, The Seasons of a Man’s Life in which he presented a theory of development in adulthood. Levinson’s work was based on in-depth interviews with 40 men between the ages of Stage theories of adult development had a powerful appeal as a way of inte- grating such diverse material: Predictable changes in personality might prepare the individual for the social transitions and economic changes of adult life. All these intellectual developments were consistent with thezeit- .

ADVERTISEMENTS: Before concluding this discussion of social development during our adult years, we’ll briefly describe one theory that considers the changes and transitions we experience during our adult lives, the controversial theory pro­posed by Levinson (). Because it is a stage theory. However, Levinson’s theory deals in part with aspects of social development, so it [ ].