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Adult scholarships are the answer for those seeking better career and work opportunities; seeking upward mobility and better positions tend to require extended education. Adult students typically have more bills and family to support when trying to pay for school. Jan 04,  · If you’re going back to college as an adult, you may be eligible for grants and scholarships for returning students. In fact, nontraditional college attendees are eligible for both financial aid and low-rate federal loans.

Mar 12,  · Adult scholarships may offset the cost of tuition, fees, books. Adult Scholarships. Adult students looking to enroll in a degree or certificate program are often unaware of the vast financial resources available to them. There is an unfortunate myth that.

The scholarships below will give you an idea of the opportunities that may be found at To get the full benefit of our free services and for additional information about Oklahoma college scholarships and awards based on different search criteria, you should conduct a free college scholarship search at