Camp p2 - adult snowboarding camp


adult snowboarding camp - Camp p2

Snowboard Camp - Adults snowboard too! We dont' get a ton of adult snowboarders at our camp, but the ones that come always have a great time and improve their riding skills. We work on the basic fundamentals of snowboarding, correct stance, carving, jumping, boxes and rails. Whatever you want to learn on a snowboard. 21+ ADULT SNOWBOARD CAMP SESSIONS, PLUS NEW 18+ ADULT CAMP! While at first it may appear that High Cascade is just for kids, don't be fooled! For over 25 years, High Cascade's adult snowboard camps have been the catalyst for life-changing fun. We've honed our specialized summer adult camp sessions for people just like you, ages and-over.

The best summer snowboard camp in the world! Located on Mt. Hood Oregon, High Cascade offers all inclusive premium camp experience for all ages and abilities. 0. ADULT CAMP. Think summer snowboard vacation for 21+!.