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Social anthropology is the study of how humans give meaning to the world through different social norms, values, practices and means of organisation. This course provides an exciting and dynamic introduction to the world of social anthropology. Study everything from religion and politics, to gender, creativity, conflict, inequality, and the anthropology of business. You gain in-depth knowledge of today’s global cultures and challenges, and valuable skills that will help you to find your place in a changing world and make you more employable. If you're a creative and critical thinker, fascinated by every aspect of human life then.

League tables of the best universities for Anthropology, Compare universities, courses, prospects and career options. I study anthropology. The four core modules in the first year vary between social and biological anthropology (one pure bio, one pure social and two inter-disciplinary modules). All are well taught and interesting, depending on your interests. 2nd year, Durham University ×.

The Discover Anthropology website is operated by the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Education Outreach Programme. The website aims to encourage a wider appreciation and understanding of anthropology by functioning as a hub for communication, gathering information, and accessing events, activities and resources for people interested in learning more about the subject. Gain an introduction to anthropology: the study of societies and cultures. Learn how the discipline has changed over time. Email me when I can join. 4, enrolled on this course. Duration 3 weeks. Weekly study 3 hours. Anthropology: Understanding Societies and Cultures. Email me when I can join. 4, enrolled on this course.

Anthropology is the systematic study of humanity, with the goal of understanding our evolutionary origins, our distinctiveness as a species, and the great diversity in our forms of social existence across the world and through time. The focus of Anthropology is on understanding both our shared humanity and diversity, and engaging with diverse ways of being in the world.