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Jul 13,  · Just for the fun of it, do a quick web search for “relax.” A Google search came up with ,, responses. That number, without even looking at the results themselves, tells us two things. Jan 11,  · So we’ve outlined five reasons why you probably just can’t seem to relax and are in a constant state of stress and anxiety. Here’s why you can’t relax: 1. You are watching too much news. While it is essential to be in the know about current events, consuming too much news leads to adverse psychological effects.

May 10,  · Why can't I relax? First, I want to be clear that I have a good life. I have a pretty wife, a good job that pays the bills, a house, etc. Everything is good. But for a while I've been having a. Oct 10,  · Restlessness is one of the more commonly reported symptoms of anxiety. Restlessness is when it is difficult to sit still, rest, or relax. Restlessness can cause a person to feel fatigued, have trouble concentrating, or feel as though his or her mind is “going blank.” It also frequently manifests in ways such as feeling tense or agitated.