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Developments on the Parent Adult Child theory In more recent times, Transactional Analysis has developed beyond these Berne's early theories. The original Parent and Child components were divided to form a new model. This development introduces Controlling and Nurturing aspects of the Parent, and the Adapted and Free aspects of the Child. The Adult state is where we hope to be as adults. It is our adult selves, dealing with the vicissitudes of everyday life. It also has the function of regulating the activities of the Parent and Child, and mediating between them.

Transactional Analysis was founded by Eric Berne, and the famous 'parent adult child' theory is still being developed today. Transactional Analysis has wide applications in clinical, therapeutic, organizational and personal development, encompassing communications, management, personality, relationships and behaviour. Feb 19,  · At any given time, you can be operating as an adult, a parent, or a child. When you’re operating as an adult, that means you think and determine things in the now, external and internal factors, all that. You’re putting things together and contextualizing.

Adult data grows out of the child’s ability to see what is different than what he or she observed (Parent) or felt (Child). In other words, the Adult allows the young person to evaluate . Mar 26,  · • Parent in parent (P3) – Parent in parent is a store house of messages which may be passed down through generations. • Adult in the parent (A3) – Adult in parent is the collection of statements about reality which a person has heard from the figures in her parent .