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TECHNOLOGY AS A COMPLEMENT TO INSTRUCTION In adult learning settings, technology is frequently used to complement instruction and extend learning. In adult basic education, for example, a learner might use a piece of software to practice a weak or underdeveloped skill area that has been the focus of classroom instruction (ibid). May 23,  · Simulations: Digital Experiential Learning Opportunities. As educators, we often strive to engage students by providing them with opportunities to learn through doing. In fact, experiential learning has proven to be very popular because it is effective, especially for adult learners who bring a wealth of experience with them into the classroom.

Dec 04,  · Digital natives embrace technology in all aspects of life—school, work, and play. Alternatively, the new technology of the 21st century is like a foreign language to preceding generations. Although learning has dramatically changed since the “good old days” reminiscent of the digital immigrants, the adult learning principles most. In this section, we provide ideas on how you can use the technology you have more effectively in the teaching and learning environment. We recognize the challenges adult education settings have with uneven technology infrastructure (to say the least); however, there are ways to be creative, and we hope to inspire you to try out some of these ideas.