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Jun 03,  · Meltdowns are an autistic person’s way of treating over-stimulation. When you feel over stimulated, you may explode to let all the emotions out. This can usually entail screaming, hitting something, or hurting yourself to get the frustrations out. Autistic meltdowns are not limited to young children on the spectrum. Adolescents, teens, and even adults with autism may have meltdowns and, surprisingly, they may occur even among individuals with high functioning forms of autism. Meltdowns are preceded by signs of distress.

Our advice and guidance on meltdowns will help you understand what a meltdown is, their causes and how you can help. Adult residential services Our online community is a place for autistic people and their families to meet like-minded people and share their experiences. Jan 30,  · Meltdowns, usually lasting 5 to 20 minutes, may occur in clusters or be separated by weeks or months in which the Aspergers adult maintains his/her composure. Meltdown episodes may be preceded or accompanied by.

Every autistic individual experiences meltdowns differently, but there are generally two broad types of autistic meltdowns: implosions and explosions. And they can co-occur – an explosion followed by an implosion, or an implosion followed by an explosion, or even simultaneous occurrence of both kinds. It is not uncommon for adults with Asperger’s syndrome to experience meltdowns. They occur when the person becomes completely overwhelmed and temporarily loses control over his or her behavior. This can take the form of shouting, screaming, crying, kicking, lashing out, or head banging.

May 30,  · A meltdown is when the child loses control over his behavior and can only be calmed down by a parent, or when he reaches the point of exhaustion. These will sometimes be referred to as autism outbursts, but we will refer to it solely as an autism meltdown in this article.