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Other names that Carlene uses includes Carlene M Nichter, Carlene Marie Lormand, Carlene Marie Manfre, Carlene Marie Nichter and Carlene M Manfre. Carlene is now married. Carlene's personal network of family, friends, associates & neighbors include Lisa Hurdle, Mario Manfre, Robert Hurdle, Douglas Lombard and Caitlyn bdsmxxx.xyzon: Newhope Dr, Haymarket, VA College of Professional Studies Fall College of Professional Studies. An undergraduate student who earns a grade point average of or higher during any semester is placed on the semester Academic Honors List in recognition of high academic achievement.

Adeniji, D. (, May). Loneliness experience in older African immigrants living with their adult children: A grounded theory approach. Poster presentation at the Indiana University School of Social Work’s 23rd Annual Ph.D. Research Symposium, Indianapolis, IN. Alhajri, W. (, April). Life satisfaction among Ph.D. international students. Indiana Child Welfare Education and Training Partnership. The Indiana University School of Social Work works in collaboration with the Indiana Department of Child Services to better protect children at risk of abuse and neglect.

Qualitative studies of young adult social smokers have shown that social smokers view smoking and drinking as strongly paired behaviors (Hoek et al., ) and perceive that smoking while drinking. Emerging adult smokers tend to be "light" or "intermittent" smokers (Brook et al., ;McDermott, Dobson, & Owen, ;White, Bray, Fleming, & Catalano, ), self-identify as "social" smokers.