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confusion upon awakening elderly adults - Dazed And Confused

May 21,  · Confusion and Anxiety in the Elderly at Night May 21, When the sun goes down, the feeling of unease can creep into anyone’s mind, but the evening hours can cause both confusion and anxiety in the elderly for a number of reasons, so for caregivers, it’s important to understand why this happens and what can be done to help. Jan 08,  · Confusion on waking is fairly normal in my Mom's life. In the mornings she often wanders around the house opening drapes and trying to figure out where she is. She has lived in this house for more than 50 years. She doesn't know what town she is in .

Sudden confusion, sometimes called delirium, can be a sign of many health problems. It comes on quickly, within hours or days. It’s different from dementia (like Alzheimer’s disease), which causes. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms confusion, disorientation, early morning waking .