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If you are bottle feeding, yes, you can overfeed your baby on breast milk. (Read more below) Unlimited access to the breast is recommended. Doing this will ensure that you are producing just the right amount of milk for your baby. So, follow your baby's lead! Photo by Minnie Zhou / Unsplash Why You Cannot Overfeed a Breastfed Baby. Take your baby off the breast if you feel that you’re having a letdown. They might get a little bit upset, because they want more, but you should then hand express. You should do this until you see that the flow has calmed down. I suggest you either expressing into a hand towel or bowl.

Nov 02,  · The only factor that might relate to overfeeding a breastfed baby is if you incorporate the practice of bottle-feeding with breast milk. To clarify, many moms work outside of the home and therefore, pump milk to store for later use by a daycare provider or a babysitter. Now what if the person feeding your baby starts propping it up? Jun 12,  · Since you can measure the milk quantity easier by using a bottle, you will know exactly how much your baby should eat, so you don’t overfeed them. In the first month of life, your baby should drink between 2 and 3 oz of milk every 3 or 4 hours.

Jan 27,  · An overfed baby is an uncomfortable baby. The baby can’t digest all of the breast milk properly and he may end up having an upset stomach. There are two major signs of an overfeeding .